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Friday, 31 August 2012

Neethaney En Ponvasantham Music Review

Rajasekar S

Before Reviewing this album, I must say one thing, Illayaraja just  getting older by age. But his music is still sweet sixteen, The maestro just sculpted his master piece with this album,The album does not belongs to carnatic, western,pop,Hindustani,rock or Jazz genre . This one is pure Raja genre for sure, you can witness some thing you never heard in Indian music,let me start the review straight away...

1)Kaatrai Konjam: singers:Karthik

The song starts with Raja's typical 80's composition, slowly it just grabs our attention, the mesmerizing voice of Karthik and Na.Muthukumar's apt lyrics just blew us ,this song proves that still our ears are addicted to Raja's 80's music.

2)Pudikala mamu:Suraj Jagan,Karthik

When you are listening to this song,especially the first few minutes ,before the stylish vocals of Karthik and suraj starts,you will just ask yourself, hey am I listening to Illayaraja or some western album?, one must say pure western music, Na.Muthukumar's lyric aptly depicts the Engineering college life,The beats and electrical guitar just makes us to feel the tempo & surely this song is going to be an anthem for college goers.

(Thumbs up)

3)Ennodu Va Va: Singers:Karthik

This song is already popular with the audience, thanks to the the forty second teaser, again Karthik just proved that he is such a versatile singer,This one may appeal to be a 80's music at start, but slowly Raja's music takes us somewhere, with his orchestration, especially the violin pieces  just mesmerized us,Again Na.Muthukumar lyrics are glued with Maestro's music, a best example is Kathaluku ilakanamey-thannal varum chinna chinna thalaikanamey,Kathal athey porukanumey ilaienil kati vaithu uthaikanumey!

(Thumps up)

4)Saayndhu Saayndhu: Singers Yuvan Shankar Raja and Ramya NSK

The song starts with yuvan's trendy voice which just hooked us straight away ,The song have two dimension the first half is filled with electrical guitar's beat, the second half just joined with Raja's special symphony touch and a soulful Ramya Nsk's voice, again Na.Muthukumar  did a stunning work with his lyrics.

(Thumps up)

5)Vaanam mela: Singers: Illayaraja,Bela Shende

The one and only song sung by the maestro in the album, again Raja's brilliance over composing a romantic melody is proved with the opening music itself, Bela shende's voice equally attracts us,there are so many high pitch moment in the song both Raja & Bela schende sung it with an  ease,Master piece all the way in the lines of Thendral vanthu Theendum pothu.

(Thumps up)

6)Satru Munbu:Singers:Ramya Nsk

The song depicts the agony and pain of a girl's failure in love, Na.Muthukumar's lyrics and Illayaraja's powerful orchestration is just brilliant.

7)Mudhal Murai: singers:Sunidhi Chauhan
This song is also similar to the previous one only in the situation of depicting the love failure of a girl, Sunidhi Chauhan will go places after this song because its a rare opportunity for a female singer to get a such a high pitch song, the Neethaney en pon vasantham chorus shows us that this one must be a situation song and needless to say Raja's music depicted the agony successfully.

(Thumps up)

8)Pengal Yendral:Yuvan Shankar Raja

This song is quite contradictory  to the previous one,it depicts the boy's disappointment over a girl's love,This song has more power than the previous one  because of Yuvan's pathos voice, Illayaraja used fast paced Electrical guitars & drums to depict the mood and it just paved way for another master piece.

(Thumps up)

Okay is there someone who says Raja's music is outdated ,oh yea this is Raja's reply for you, and to all the Music lovers keep the Audio CD safely, because even after a decade you will listen this one, pure master piece, Hats off to Raja sir ,Na Muthukumar and special thanks to Goutham menon for his collaboration with the maestro.

Rating:4/5-Raja all the way

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