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Friday, 17 March 2017

Bruce Lee Movie Review

After watching Bruce Lee, the first thing strikes our mind is how did the director manage to persuade his producer to invest in such a lackluster script. 

It’s okay to make a bad film but at least a trace of sincerity would convince the audience, who spend their hard earned money for quality entertainment. Sadly, everything in Bruce Lee is lousy and moreover, the actors look bland on the screen, they sleepwalk throughout the film.

Ganesh aka Bruce Lee (GV Prakash) is a timid youngster, name a thing and he will be afraid of it. Our hero’s life goes well with his girlfriend (Kriti Kharbanda) and friend Abbas (Balasaravanan) until he accidentally clicks the murder of a politician (Mansoor Ali Khan) at the local gangster Godfather’s (‘Mundasupatti Ramdoss) residence. Later Bruce Lee and his girlfriend click the second murder of Godfather as he accidentally kills a Judge. 

At one point of time, Bruce Lee in disguise of a courier boy delivers all the pics to the Commissioner of Police, who is a close aide of the God Father. Recalling his previous encounter with Bruce Lee and his girlfriend, Godfather’s henchmen kidnaps the latter. Will Bruce Lee save his ladylove?

As a story, Bruce Lee appears good on paper but the director hasn’t even executed one engaging scene in the whole movie. Right from the first scene to the climax, nothing really worked out in this plodding film. Sorry to say, there is not even a single positive thing to say about Bruce Lee!

We only pity the invested producer for believing the inefficacious screenplay and audiences, who are already inside the movie hall to watch this tedious black comedy.

Verdict:  Tedious black comedy

Actors: GV Prakash, Kriti Kharbanda, Bala Saravanan, Mundasupatti Ramdoss, Mansoor Ali Khan

Music: GV Prakash

Director: Prashanth Pandiraj

Rating: 1/5

Kattapava Kaanom Movie Review

What really works in favor of Sibiraj’s Kattapava Kaanom is the perpetual comic element sails throughout the film. Just like any other fantasy dark comedy, here too we have multiple characters, a simple story, whacky dialogues and lighthearted climax.

All through his life Pandian (Sibiraj) has been only waiting for the lady luck to smile at him, his dad tells him that only a girl whose name begins with the letter ‘C’ will brighten his career.

However, Pandian fall head over heels in love Meena (Aishwarya Rajesh), a happy-go-lucky girl and eventually marries her The couple struggles to lead a normal life as they are yet to financially settle down and that’s when Pandian’s school friend 'Surprise' Sheela (Chandini) presents them a lucky fish (Kattappa).

The couple makes a secret wish in front of the fish that they want one crore but they end up in a huge trouble as three strangers (Thirumurugan, Jaya Kumar, Kaali Venkat) house arrests them to know about the secret shared by a deceased man, who had hidden 4 crores looted money. The strangers also propose a deal that the couple can get one crore if they reveal the place where the money is hidden.

Meanwhile, Kattapa's owner Vanjaram (Mime Gopi), a bad mouthing local gangster, appoints a detective Sankara (Saravanan) to find the whereabouts of his precious fish. The rest of the film is all about how Pandian solve all these issues and comes out with flying colors!

As said earlier, the film’s biggest strength is director Mani Seiyon’s comic writing. To be honest, the film lacks grandeur and fast moving screenplay but several funny characters and comic elements entertain us till the end. Although Kaali Venkat’s one-liners bring the roof down, how censor board passed the film with ‘U’ certificate despite having abundant ‘A’ rated dialogues?

Sibiraj has improved a lot, he scores with his subtle expressions and in a few scenes, the actor reminds us his favorite hero ‘Ilayathalapathy Vijay’, especially in the combination sequences with the kid Monica. Unlike Kaaka Muttai and Dharma Durai, Aishwarya Rajesh doesn’t have great scope to performance in Kattapava Kaanomand she was just adequate. Kaali Venkat is a revelation in the film, he scores with each and every dialogue whereas ‘Mime’ Gopi also attracts with his uncanny performance.

Music composer Santhosh Dhayandhi’s Hey Penne song is hummable and his re-recording suited well for a fantasy black comedy while Anand Jeeva’s cinematography is strictly functional. The film’s runtime is 125 minutes, which is a major advantage as the team didn't include unnecessary songs and sequences.

Overall, Kattapava Kaanom is a decent fantasy comedy entertainer and it’s a harmless one time watch with family and friends.

Rating: 2.75/5

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Maanagaram Movie Review

What if a complex film like Aaranya Kaandam narrated in the most accessible manner, especially for our Tamil audiences, who prefer entertainment over artistic beauty? The end result would have been fruitful at the box office. 

Though a film’s quality can’t be judged with how much money it made for producers, satisfying your target audiences should be the main motto for filmmakers but to be honest, 90% of newcomers doesn’t mind much about the investors. Fortunately, director Lokesh Kanagaraj belongs to the remaining 90%, he exactly knows where to showcase his exemplary filmmaking skills and also smartly incorporated necessary elements for the mainstream audiences in Maanagaram

Maanagaram as the title suggests, the film deals with the perspectives of people on the fast moving urban life. A youngster (Shri) with a lot of dreams comes Chennai for an interview, then there is a care-free city dude (Sundeep Kishan), who goes to any extreme for the safety of his crush (Regina Cassandra). We also have a soft-spoken taxi driver starts his first-day job in the city and a dismayed underworld don(Madhusudhan), whose son gets wrongly abducted by three small time gangsters. How the lives of these four people hyperlinked and lead to the rest of the proceedings have been flawlessly written and executed by Lokesh Kanagaraj.

As said earlier hyperlink cinema is a complex theme, narrating it in the most entertaining fashion needs a lot of work and research. Any good cinema would have realism and fantasy in equal proportions, for example, you may or may not agree with the fact that all these four stories and characters get connected in a single day but at the same time, they are very real and the situations unwind in front of us are relatable. Yes, you get to see a lot of rouge cops (don’t restrict your vision to the last day scenes of Jallikattu protest ) but we also witness quite a few kind-hearted policemen in our daily life— the way Lokesh introduced such realistic characters is the biggest strength of Maanagaram, it's the movie's heart-line.

Discussing the brilliance of Lokesh’s writing, he connected each and every dots in the screenplay— The first scene opens with the interview session between Regina and Shri, the latter gets a call (we don’t know who) and the former gets a call (screen blinks Divya, who is that? We don’t have answer). In the climax, Shri speaks to his dad and Regina tells us much before that she is a close friend of Shri’s girlfriend Divya. Thus we get to know why Regina feels getting a job for Shri is very important! This is just one example of  Lokesh's detailed, there are plenty of things to discuss and decode. 

Among all the characters sketched by Lokesh, Munishkanth is a master stroke. After Mundasupatti, the actor makes us laugh throughout the film, his unfeigned innocence is a major attraction and it has been well utilized in the climax, where he moves away from the money bag!

All the actors have given their best. Sundeep Kishan’s swag mannerisms fit the bill for the bold and daring character while Shri’s subtle expressions rightly complement his righteous role and Regina has also carried her role with great ease.

Special mention to the young technical crew of Maanagaram, music composer Javed Riaz used background score whenever necessary and rightly understood the importance of silence. Cinematographer Selvakumar showcased the nightlife of Chennai in a different color and Philomin’s cuts have contributed for the crystal clear narration.

Our final word is Maanagaram can be watched without any second  thought, book your tickets and enjoy this quality thriller with your family!

Verdict: Must Watch

Rating : ****