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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Kollywood-The cinematographer's Fort

Nirav shah with CS Amudhan
Rajasekar S

Cinematographers are the one who gives life to Director's vision,In India undoubtedly Bollywood films are having excellent visuals than any other industry,but what is more Bizarre is that most of the top cinematographers in Bollywood are from Kollywood .Many of them cranking their camera only in Bollywood, and only few cinematographers doing Tamil  films,so what is the reason?

Natraj the man who is the cinematographer for three Anurag Kashyap projects & has a great reputation in Bollywood did only one Tamil Film (Youth),remember he acted in Tamil films like Naalai,Milaga etc., and    V Manikandan who did Tamil films during his early days slowly settled in Bollywood ,Remember even Maniratnam said he is one of the best cinematographers in India.

But the acclaimed cinematographer Nirav Shah's journey is quite different, He started his carrier in Bollywood & with Dhoom2 he grabbed the attention of many. But his passion towards Tamil films made him to work in Tamil & today he is one of the leading cinematographers in the country.

In a recent interview,the Interviewer asked Ravivarman (Barfi,Vetaiyadu vilayadu,Dasavatharam),will you do Tamil film in future,Ravivarman replied I want to travel in flight ,why you want me to have a train Journey. The reply may kindle anger among many,but the reality is Bollywood gives more exposure,more income to these cinematographers than Tamil.

So Is it a high time  for our producers to offer the exposure & income to these excellent cinematographers like Bollywood,so that at least we can make sure that the cinematographers who are at present in our industry stays here forever.

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