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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Lingaa Movie Review

Rajini films are always special; he is not just another superstar who runs his career only with mindless masalas. Rajini’s hit films always have good characterization, there will be a powerful villain and the missions set by him will be difficult enough for the Super Star and how Rajini cross all those hurdles will be a treat to watch but sadly Lingaa doesn’t have any above said things.  In Lingaa everything is easy for superstar, nothing seems to be  difficult for him, director KS Ravikumar has given not just one but two roles Raja Lingeswaran and the con Lingaa(grandson of Lingeswaran) just to celebrate the superstar in big screen.

Lingaa follows the same tried and tested formula of KS Ravikumar where a comic- casual present situation built up with an epic flashback portions where Raja Lingesawaran was shown as a messiah for Cholayoor village,  his character was inspired from British engineer John Pennyquick who built the Mullai Periyaar dam.  Lingerswaran builds the dam against all the odds but due to ego and grudge of a fellow British collector there happens a misunderstanding between Lingeswaran and the Cholayoor people . Lingeswaran was expelled by the people and when they came to know the truth he becomes the legend.

Years later, a greedy politician (Jagapathi Babu) trying to destroy the dam and murders even the inspection officer for the sake of it. The rest of the story tells us how the con Lingaa saves the people of Cholayoor and the dam against the loud clichéd Jagapathi Babu.

Performance wise, Rajinikanth steals the show as Raja Lingeswaran in which the actor’s charisma and style is top notch.  The way Raja Lingeswaran character faces the difficult times show that Rajini is a great actor but sadly the over stretched and over the top climax spoiled the show. Among the two heroines Anushka does her part with her oomph factor while Sonakshi steals our heart with her cute act.

Technically, Lingaa is just average except for the grand visuals of Rathnavelu. The make-up is so pathetic for young Rajini that he looks very aged while the VFX portions at the climax is just horrible and it learly indicates that things are done in haste. There is no big scope for the background score in Lingaa but the Indianey Vaa number is certainly bring goose-bumps for any Rajini fan otherwise there is nothing big to boast up.

Overall one can watch Lingaa for the charismatic –majestic Raja Lingeswaran but if you expect something epic, sorry this not the kind of Rajini film which you are expecting for.

As Rajini says in the movie " I've not failed... I've just postponed my success " - நான் தோற்கவில்லை. என் வெற்றியை தள்ளி வைத்துள்ளேன்......"  I seriously believe that Rajini will soon be back with a bang!

Rating : ✮1/2