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Friday, 17 March 2017

Bruce Lee Movie Review

After watching Bruce Lee, the first thing strikes our mind is how did the director manage to persuade his producer to invest in such a lackluster script. 

It’s okay to make a bad film but at least a trace of sincerity would convince the audience, who spend their hard earned money for quality entertainment. Sadly, everything in Bruce Lee is lousy and moreover, the actors look bland on the screen, they sleepwalk throughout the film.

Ganesh aka Bruce Lee (GV Prakash) is a timid youngster, name a thing and he will be afraid of it. Our hero’s life goes well with his girlfriend (Kriti Kharbanda) and friend Abbas (Balasaravanan) until he accidentally clicks the murder of a politician (Mansoor Ali Khan) at the local gangster Godfather’s (‘Mundasupatti Ramdoss) residence. Later Bruce Lee and his girlfriend click the second murder of Godfather as he accidentally kills a Judge. 

At one point of time, Bruce Lee in disguise of a courier boy delivers all the pics to the Commissioner of Police, who is a close aide of the God Father. Recalling his previous encounter with Bruce Lee and his girlfriend, Godfather’s henchmen kidnaps the latter. Will Bruce Lee save his ladylove?

As a story, Bruce Lee appears good on paper but the director hasn’t even executed one engaging scene in the whole movie. Right from the first scene to the climax, nothing really worked out in this plodding film. Sorry to say, there is not even a single positive thing to say about Bruce Lee!

We only pity the invested producer for believing the inefficacious screenplay and audiences, who are already inside the movie hall to watch this tedious black comedy.

Verdict:  Tedious black comedy

Actors: GV Prakash, Kriti Kharbanda, Bala Saravanan, Mundasupatti Ramdoss, Mansoor Ali Khan

Music: GV Prakash

Director: Prashanth Pandiraj

Rating: 1/5

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