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Monday, 9 July 2012

Inspiration or Copy

Rajasekar S

There are two Kind of Filmmakers across the globe according to me.The First kind of Filmmakers are the one who is bold enough to say that his/her plot is inspired from someone/something.The second kind of filmmakers are the one who strongly denies
 the so called "Inspiration" and convincing others that his/her plot is purely
their own imagination.

Not only films,In a creative field like cinema,Music,writing etc., the creator must be inspired from something or someone.So according to me a film is nothing but a visual representation of the inspiring incidents that happened in a filmmaker's life or inspiring work of another filmmaker or creator(say Author of a novel).But of course I'm accepting the fact that a genuine film maker will also add his own vision/thought in his films But everything cannot be filmed on his own thought, something must be inspired.I won't complain these filmmakers, because apparently this is the only way to make a film.

But one should definitely criticize the filmmakers who are merely doing Copy paste work,even without giving credits to the original film maker & claiming that the film is made purely on their own imagination and hard work,This is ridiculous and should be contempt!.

I'm going to explain with some films that are truly inspired & not copied  by any chance to the best of my knowledge.I've chosen the films that are popular among people, so here we go....
Pudhupettai,Nayagan & GodFather

1)Nayagan,Pudhupettai & The God Father:

I would say these three films are the best example for "Inspiration".As everybody knows that all the three films are having the same plot of course God father is a trilogy, but the basic plot is "How a normal man eventually becoming a don".

Let me explain,How Maniratnam,Selvaraghavan inspired from God Father(first part)with a common scene that comes in all the three films.

Scene 1 -God Father :

After the death of Marlon Brando(Vito Corleone),During the christening of Connie's(Marlon Brando's daughter) son,Al Pacino orders to kill the other New York Dons and Moe Greene.

Similar scene in Nayagan :

After the death of Saranya,Kamal kills the other dons in Mumbai during "Bindam Karaithal"(A mourning method in Hinduism) .

Similar scene in Pudhupettai:

Dhanush will order his men to kill his own father and another Don who refused to pay him .In this scene Dhanush will be simply sitting in his house with a Pistol depicts that he is killing his opposers and he didn't directly involve in the Murder, similar to the Godfather scene.

Of course some more scenes are also similar among these films but  Maniratnam and Selvaraghavan didn't copied frame by frame.All the three film makers treat the plot on their own style and I will say this is inspiration and not copy.

Even I would like to mention "Devar Magan" here ,everyone is familiar with Sivajiganesan's death scene in the movie-He will die when he was playing with his Granddaughters, similarly In God Father Marlon Brando will die when he was playing with his Grandson.Apart from this scene nothing is similar between Devar Magan and God Father.

In Picture:Avvai shanmugi& Mrs.Doubtfire at left,I am sam &DeivaThirumagal at Right


Its Time to say the truth,there are so many movies in Tamil which were copied Just like that from Hollywood movies, without even giving credits to them.But I like to mention some of the famous movies.

Avvai shanmugi is undoubtedly lifted from the movie Mrs. Doubt fire and recently released Deiva Thirumagal is lifted from I'm sam with some minor changes like Santhanam's comedy & Amala paul's character.

One would be be really happy if the film maker gives credits to the original film maker in their films, in that sense I really liked Vetrimaran's intention. In Aadukalam Vetrimaran gave credits to the films which inspired him to make Aadukalam,really that is a great gesture by him and Appreciation for him.

500 days of summer & Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya


There are some Rumors prevails in the industry,Like "Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya" is lifted from "500 Days of Summer" this is absolutely ridiculous . The only thing that is common between these two movie is "Love" and nothing more,nothing less.Before comparing please do watch both the movies.There are so many movies considered as copy among people but  the reality says that everything is false.

So to end this article,I would like to keep two request.The First one is to Film Makers & the second is Common Audience(Including me).

To Film Makers: Next time If you are going to lift a plot, do give credits.

To Common Audience:Next time when you hear that a movie is a copy from some other movie comment only if you have seen both the movies.

[I can't stop Imagining about the third request from the article readers
To Article writer: Dei,article writer please don't write article like this;-)]

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