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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Traffic Jam in Kollywood

Rajasekar S
"Kollywood"-once this word is restricted as a regional industry but now the time has been changed,Tamil cinema is reaching greater heights with the budget and the reach of Tamil films in the overseas gets bigger next only to Hindi Films.Every time when a Big hero's film released it is simultaneously Dubbed in Telugu which draws
larger audience to Tamil films.All these things are good for a Booming cine field.But what the industry people should think about is the inadequate theaters in the state and the unwanted clashes that are happening between two or more films that are releasing on the same day.

There should be a proper regulation in the release date of a film,"In Hindi once the date is blocked for a big film by a Producer, others do not compete" says Dhananjayang Govind the UTV southern head in his micro blogging site.If the budget is small or else if the number of theaters in the state are more Just like Andhra Pradhesh which has around 2800 screens,then one can welcome these Box office clashes but we in Tamilnadu out of 1546 (according to Film Federation of India)screens only 1000 screens are in good condition.

Vishwaroopam,Thuppaki,Maatran,Mugamoodi all these films are in different stages of Production and the makers of this films are eyeing for a August release.The money that is spinning around these four movies is around 200 crores.But still now EROS international  released a press note stating that "They are planning to release on August 15" & UTV confirmed that they are planning to release "Mugamoodi" on August 31st.But "Maatran" has lot of Animation and Graphics works which leads to a question whether it will release on August 15th.

Both Thuppaki & Vishwaroopam producers didn't come up with a release date but the insiders says that Kamal sir is planning for a August release & AR Murugadoss symbolically revealing the release date as August 15 through twitter.But  the ardent fans are very much confused because of these news.Recently,Even Billa2 one of the highly anticipated film lacks in the clarity of its release date and Finally the makers released a Press note stating that the Film will release on July 13th,which makes Ajith fans happy.

Its highly impossible to release these four films in August ,Two of the movies  (Vishwaroopam,Thuppaki,Maatran,Mugamoodi) should reconsider their release date since the screens that are available in the state is inadequate as mentioned earlier.
Hope,the makers will come up with a best possible release date soon, as lot of expectations are riding over these four movies.

Status of the Above mentioned movies:
  • Vishwaroopam-Shooting is over only post production is left,Kamal hassan at Present in Los Angles for 11.1 sound mixing.
  • Maatran -one song is left , after that Post production work will start in a full swing.
  • Thuppaki-3 songs left,after that Post production work will start & the team is very much confident to finish the shoot within 3rd week of July.
  • Mugammodi- The makers are very much sure to release the movie on August 31st as only patch up works are pending.

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